Integrating different document management systems within organisations

Imagine you already have a great document management system implemented, and then a new client or contract you’ve entered into stipulates another system is to be used. How do you manage or integrate the existing system?

This is a challenge for most organisations involved in big projects and if unmanaged can result in mishandling of information, potentially leading to issues and poor project outcomes. With a bit of planning at the start systems can usually be integrated, manually if need be, and the team can successfully use them both.

For successful system integration:

  • Define the requirements for the use of both systems – A good way to do this is to utilise all existing document control procedures for each system if available.
  • Map critical information and metadata – use this to establish the document control new business rules and processes.
  • Connect the systems – whether done technically by compatible system APIs or just manually created interface points ensure appropriate consultation and user testing are undertaken.
  • Create user accounts with suitable access controls.
  • Communicate the changes and train personnel so they’re familiar with the new system setup and can hit the ground running.

A quick tip, create easy to follow “cheat sheets” that cover the basics of both document control systems. Also, it’s highly recommended that experienced document controllers are used in these scenarios to manage the interface risk of multiple systems, particularly on large scale and/or high-risk projects.

It is possible to successfully integrate different document management systems when the need arises, manually or otherwise. It requires some early planning, effort and would benefit from the involvement of experienced document controllers. Once you’re done, your organisations can get on with successful project delivery.

For more ways on how you can improve integrating different document management systems within your business or project, reach out to Core Project Advisory to discuss your challenges or requirements within your company.

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