Creating Document Templates and Forms

Do you struggle to have consistency when different staff or project team members produce documentation?

Have you thought about how your documents fit into a standard suite of templates and forms?

If you don’t have a standard suite of templates and forms for producing documentation in your business, this can create inconsistencies with the information you provide to your clients.

When preparing a standard suite of templates and forms, ensure you start with a requirements list, what documents do you need to use every day, every month or every quarter. It is important to then introduce a style guide that will implement consistency with formatting, tables, bullet points, revision control, font colours and business logo sizes.

Make sure you give your templates a test run before publishing to make sure they work as expected, like ensuring the fields in a form are suitable for the information they intend to capture. This will give your company a professional and consistent approach to completing documentation and using the templates or forms for all aspects of your business.

Providing your staff with a consistent approach to templates and forms will standardise and streamline your documentation.

For more ways on how you can improve Document Templates and Forms in your business or project, reach out to Core Project Advisory to discuss your challenges or requirements within your company.

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