Importance of a Project Administrator

Projects or large complex jobs without a project administrator resource can often make it difficult for team members to keep on top of deadlines. It’s often easy to get lost amongst meeting invites, deadlines, approvals on billable documentation, or spend too much time coordinating project summary reports and administrating technical documentation.

There are many tools and techniques to help with these issues. Another way to address this is to bolster the resourcing of your project team with a suitably skilled project administrator.

With the right support, you can ensure that all priorities and deadlines are met. To assist in successful project completion, a project administrator can play a vital part in overseeing the project’s daily functions to ensure deadlines and compliance requirements are met. Project administrators usually report to a project manager or senior management.

A good project administrator is engaging, enthusiastic about their work and genuinely wants to help remove roadblocks where they can. Most importantly they understand the project environment and usually have a good grasp on project and quality management principles.  Engaging a project administrator will ensure the project manager and technical members of the team can focus on the essential aspects of their roles, freeing them up to deliver to the best of their abilities – a sound recipe for project success.

If you would like to learn more about the value a project administrator can offer your business or project, reach out to Core Project Advisory to discuss your challenges or requirements within your company.

The Importance of a Document Controller, a news article that discusses the benefits of incorporating this role into your business or project, may also be of use to you.

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