Administering Design Change Processes

What are some of the ways you can manage the administration of design change during your projects?

During our many years of experience providing document control services, we have seen design managers struggle to administer design change requests or redline markups from design changes during construction.

Often, a designer has changed a component of design not only during early concept or detailed design but throughout construction. Inadequate tracking and approval processes can leave your project open to negative impact variations.

We suggest you check that your contract has appropriate avenues for administering design change and construction design change approvals and that this aligns with the agreed processes with your clients or your contractor for document review and administration that makes sure the appropriate authority for approving design change is clear.

Using collaborative systems or appropriate workflow processes will help achieve a streamlined approach to ensuring your project is on track for timely design change success. Key points for administering design change management:

  • ensure you have a process in place
  • understand how to approve/reject design change
  • collaborate with your client or contractor for compliance with this process

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