Quality Document Management for Construction

How do you ensure your projects have the right level of quality records and documents during the construction phase?

During our many years of managing document control for construction projects, we’ve seen project teams struggle with finding the right method and processes for managing these records.

Your project quality records are vital for assurance that products or components have been built, tested and are suitable for their purpose. If this is not in order, it can lead to various issues not only for the constructors but for the owners, operators and maintainers. It is important to set a list of deliverables early on in a project, so the expectation is clear.

Establish a good process early in the project agreed on by the key stakeholders. Ensuring adequate quality controls and processes are in place for your project teams is key; as well as defining input, review and collaboration methods between you, your constructor and your client.

When reviewing quality documentation for your project consider using electronic methods where applicable such as tablets for sign-off. This assists greatly with timeliness and reduces double-handling. Also, consider the scale of the project and align it with client expectations and requirements. Be sure to provide you and your team with the right tools, processes and the most efficient way of producing, recording and completing quality documentation for your project.

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