What is Project Advisory?

Project Management has come a long way since the Romans built the Colosseum.  When it was completed it could seat 50,000 spectators. Whilst many of their methods were questionable, there is no doubt in my mind that they were great engineers and project managers. But could they have completed the ancient wonder more effectively if they’d had a project advisor in their corner? And what is project advisory anyway?

The Core team is a specialist consultancy that helps create and deliver projects through complementary smart and effective project management and advisory services.

So, what is Project Advisory and how does it differ from Project Management?

When the Project Management Body of Knowledge was first published in 1996 it was less than 100 pages, today the 6th Edition is a comprehensive guide comprising over 600 pages, including Agile Concepts.  So one thing is certain – Project Management has become more complicated and by necessity more specialised.

It’s become apparent that specific areas of project management, especially in large and complex projects, are generally not well understood and executed and are therefore quite likely to contribute to project failure.

The project management processes of executing, monitoring and controlling are generally well understood and performed by most project managers. However, project initiation, planning and closing are not.

By focusing on these areas of weakness and understanding the implications if not managed correctly, we provide a service offering designed to fully realise project benefits and achieve the planned outcomes.

We call our specialisation Project Advisory, which includes:

  • Gaining a real understanding of our Clients business and their project needs
  • Providing strategic advice and thought leadership on best practice project management frameworks
  • Developing business needs into project plans with clear project outcomes
  • Business Case development, financial modelling and feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder management project governance and health checks

Our services also cover more traditional project management activities and extend to providing our clients guidance and mentoring in all areas.

So, what value do you see in having a specialist project manager in your corner? Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about your project challenges, it would be great to talk to you.