What Impact Does a Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Climate Change Policy Have on Core Project Advisory? Director Grant Axman-Friend explains…

Core Project Advisory Director Grant Axman-Friend’s interest and passion for sustainability began to develop in primary school where he was inspired by his teacher’s passion for the environment and environmental conservation. Then in his teenage years, Grant grew up on an ‘off the grid’ property where solar, wind and water tanks were his norm.

Early in 2020, Grant formalised his longstanding interest in sustainability through the completion of a Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Climate Change Policy through Curtin University.

Grant decided on the Sustainability and Climate Policy degree due to its broad focus on sustainability in built environment and infrastructure sectors. Under the tutelage of sustainability experts, such as Peter Newman, Grant completed study and research on sustainability matters related to urban and regional planning, energy generation and distribution, land rehabilitation, transportation, water recovery, generation and storage, agriculture, food security, waste management, construction, close circle product development, use and recovery, cultural impacts, economics, policy and more.

This broad focus provides Grant the knowledge and tools to offer effective strategic advice and direction in their response to climate change and adoption of sustainability practices for Core PA and their clients.

The application of these skills is being put into practice at Core PA, who will soon release their first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. It is the first step in understanding what the company is doing and their sustainable performance within the community. “By completing our own CSR we will gain valuable lessons on effective CSR practices that we can advise to other organisations”.

Core PA has the benefit of working across multiple sectors on a variety of projects. We predominately focus on the initiation and planning phases of a project and look forward to being able to introduce some of these sustainability ideas and practices to our client organisations. We understand these companies and know how they operate and why they do what they do, from Core PA’s perspective we want to work with them and help make a difference in looking at the whole picture.

Grant is excited by the fact that at Core PA, we can make a difference. We are a part of and value the community and seek to create longevity for our clients and ourselves.