Using Quality Management to Improve Your Business

Operating a Quality Management System and implementing the requirements of ISO 9001 is much more than ticking a compliance box, practicing Quality Management is one of the ways in which you can help drive business success.

Core PA is accredited to ISO 9001 which supports the business to have a quality focus, meaning that we use defined and streamlined processes to achieve quality outcomes.

From a business perspective, using an established Quality Management Framework has provided us with the scope to:

  • Establish a Business Score Card approach to measure business success,
  • Remain current with legislation and compliance requirements,
  • Implement a Shareholders Strategic Plan to ensure the business is focused on the right areas and target clients,
  • Execute a consistent go/no-go decision-making process for all new opportunities and leads, and
  • Structure proposals and quotes in accordance with established templates.

From a project perspective, our Quality Management System ensures that our:

  • Project start up is undertaken in a consistent manner based on structures established from lessons learned from previous projects,
  • Quality reviews are completed for all products prior to issuance to clients,
  • Proforma documents are in use for weekly and monthly reporting,
  • Internal project audits are undertaken to track project progress and compliance with defined procedures,
  • Project closure activities are completed including capturing lessons learned, and
  • Client feedback is sought and documented.

The initial set up of a Quality Management System may seem daunting, but once in place your business will soon realise the business improvement benefits.

Reach out to us at Core Project Advisory if you would like to know more about implementing a quality management system.