Understanding Document and Information Management Needs

Our Document Control Team is conducting a short survey on Information and Document Management to better understand how businesses are currently managing documents and information, as well as any challenges they may be encountering.

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Did you know that Information Management is generally grouped into two main areas? These are Knowledge Management and Document Management.

Knowledge Management provides a structured way to discover, share and collaborate on the information that your business holds, increasing an employee’s decision-making abilities.

Top reasons to use Knowledge Management in your business

  • Easier training and onboarding processes,
  • Improving efficiency,
  • Enhancing staff collaboration, and
  • Improved employee morale through valuing knowledge, training and innovation.

Document Management provides a systematic approach to storing, finding and reviewing documents, and this is often managed using a Document Management system.

The benefits of implementing a Document Management system

  • Automating processes to manage the document lifecycle,
  • Providing different security and permission levels,
  • Ability to apply metadata to categorise documents for improved searchability,
  • Improving productivity by being able to easily locate the documents and the correct revisions, and
  • Importantly it provides the capability to meet compliance and archiving requirements.

Our Core Project Advisory team have the expertise and experience across all areas of Information Management for your project.

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