Dave Mason and Grant Axman-Friend

Streamlining Information Management with Collaborative Systems

Companies and projects continually create and receive structured and unstructured information. This information may come in the form of a document (e.g. report, image, drawing etc.) or it may be knowledge that team members have gained through experiences and projects. The discipline of Information Management treats information as an asset and the key to successful information management is to value and manage these assets similarly to other company or project assets. Fortunately, we now have available different systems that assist us to manage these different types of information assets.

Document Management Systems can be a great option for large companies by providing a systematic approach to store, find and review documents. These systems provide the ability to categorise documents and apply metadata for improved searchability; manage the document lifecycle; apply different security and permission levels and the capability to meet compliance requirements.

Historically, Document Management Systems have been too structured to provide the flexibility and scalability that projects and smaller companies require. At Core Project Advisory we utilise various Collaboration Systems to manage our projects. In our experience, these systems are easy-to-use scalable tools that provide the ability for team members to collaborate in real-time and transparency through accessing project information anytime from anywhere.

In the past, capturing and managing knowledge has been a harder task to tackle and the introduction of Knowledge Management Systems to address this problem has been a real game changer across all industries. These systems provide the ability to easily capture knowledge that a company holds and present it to team members or customers in an easy-to-search format often grouped by topics. To increase the uptake of Knowledge Management Systems we recommend:

  • using everyday non-technical language,
  • include links to similar information/topics, and
  • provide results in text, video and diagrammatic formats.

More details about the benefits of using different Information Management Systems in your company or projects are available in the following videos:

Our Core Project Advisory team have the expertise and experience across all areas of Information Management and is highly experienced with implementing different types of proprietary and customised information management systems for both companies and projects.

Contact us at Core Project Advisory to discuss how we can assist with implementation of Document Management, Collaboration or Knowledge Management systems for your company or projects.

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