Sonya Hargreaves is Team Leader Document Control with Core Project Advisory, where she has proven to be vital in the planning and development of Client projects and heads up our Document Control and Management service. Sonya moved to the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane 12 years ago following project work and has never looked back. The blissful environment of the Coast and the array of possibilities that come with it, are only a couple of the reasons Sonya welcomes this lifestyle change.

Originally a Toowoomba local, Sonya grew up in a construction and engineering dominated environment. Her father being an engineer himself, provided Sonya the opportunity to assist him with drafting tasks along with working for her parent’s other family business, in an events capacity, where she quickly learnt the importance of networking and fostering strong relationships.

Sonya’s ability to connect with people is one of her major strengths and liaising with clients and building relationships are where she feels most at ease. Her diverse history and passion in engineering, construction and drafting processes gives her the required knowledge and expertise to perform her role in project management both accurately and efficiently.

One of the aspects that has Sonya enthusiastic to work each day at Core PA, is the Executive team of Dave, Grant and Andy. They offer an open and honest workplace, where flexibility with their staff and clients are highly valued. Sonya loves a challenge, and at Core PA she is given exactly that through autonomy and greater responsibility. She is ever-growing her skill set and always seeks opportunities to learn and is currently upgrading her Training and Assessment, and Project Management qualifications.

Sonya is driven by the fact that Core PA operates in a dynamic industry, where she is ready and waiting to take up new and exciting projects from a variety of sectors. She hopes to take on more environmental projects and continue delving into the fast-evolving technology space as there is always something new around the corner.

Sonya is incredibly family and people-oriented, which translates through her work. Her focus is on the people, where she seeks to support her clients and colleagues wherever she can.