Procurement vs PM Training

You may have heard the saying “While education gives you knowledge, it is experience that provides you with wisdom”.

The challenge of today’s world is that while most jobs or roles interconnect, it is the lack of understanding of these connective points that lead to mistakes being made and things going wrong especially in the project world.

Experience has demonstrated that we often don’t hear the word procurement highlighted at seminars or resources delivered to project managers and yet procurement and contracting are areas of vital importance in any project. Where are we as project managers without understanding, the contract requirements, or the timeframes for purchasing resources?

Projects and procurement interconnect and should work side by side, so why do they remain as separate departments within organisations? It’s the separation and lack of awareness of similarities and differences between the two that can cause the challenges of delay and cost overruns.

Better outcomes are gained when training is combined with experience. Sharing knowledge and filling in the gaps across each discipline will lead to greater understanding and likely a more knowledgeable team working together.

Our service offering at Core Project Advisory includes providing clients project management training, and to build on this we’ve teamed with Pro Leaders Academy to provide clients qualification-based training.

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