Managing Project Team Relationships

(Project Management Tip)

Have you ever been asked, or simply wondered what it takes to be a great project manager?

Some vital cogs of the project machine are your stakeholders and from time to time there is likely to be tension between stakeholders, not everyone will get along all the time and not all projects are alike. That’s OK, but if any of those working relationships fail, successful delivery is likely to be impacted.

Project Managers need to be organised and have a handle on project management methods, tools and techniques. However, experience has shown us that if a project manager hones their craft around their soft skills, they are more likely to experience continued and prolonged project success.

The gateway to successful delivery comes about when the leader of a project:

  • Engenders trust and fosters a healthy project culture with good, honest, reliable communication; and
  • Understands the key influences in the project and can clearly articulate, align, and reinforce objectives across stakeholders.

Performance matters, tools and techniques matter, but soft skills and possibly some hard conversations may just unlock your project delivery potential.

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