Managing Change Management Successfully

(Project Management Tip)

A recent study suggests up to 70% of all change initiatives undertaken in organisations fail. If that’s right, what can you do about managing change successfully in your project, after all from a project manager’s perspective aren’t all projects about change?

Depending on the scale of a project’s change management journey, different strategies may be used to strengthen the change success rate. Projects introducing big changes may need dedicated teams, detailed change management plans, and a big budget. No matter the scale, a projects change management success is greatly increased with strong leadership.

Leaders that struggle to value the change management process and the dedicated change effort required, may lead a project to miss the mark. Ultimately, business leaders are responsible for putting things in place to manage change, otherwise they simply risk losing their audience, alienating the people they’re trying to help, or unintentionally and negatively affecting the outcome.

So what can business leaders do to deliver change management success in their projects? At Core PA we utilise these three steps when planning change management:

  • First, make sure that it is the right change journey in the first place;
  • Gain a clear understanding of the effort that will be needed; and
  • Ensure effective communication along the journey.

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