Independent Program Reviews

In the world of complex projects, sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious … because they are not so obvious!

Planning and delivering complex projects present several challenges to project teams. These challenges can often result in ambitious timeframes or omissions in scope and execution methodology with the intent to support the project’s delivery. These challenges can also be amplified by individual bias and project politics. This can lead to key outcomes not being achieved in the desired timeframes because of delays and can contribute to cost overruns. Third party reviews of project programs can help minimise the risk of oversights occurring  and enable project teams to put actions in place to mitigate their effects.

For over 6 years, Core Project Advisory has undertaken independent reviews of project programs for many  complex building and infrastructure projects. Our review process is grounded in the DCMA 14-Point Assessment for schedule integrity and is elevated by our team’s expertise across contractual compliance, interrogation of the critical path and project benchmarking against historical data.

Our reviews have been undertaken at the planning, procurement and delivery phase of projects related to renewable energy infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, defence, sport and recreation facilities and commercial buildings and are led by trained Gateway Reviewers. Our unique oversight across multiple industries allows us to notice issues typically not considered by project teams.

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