Growth Through New Experiences

So you traveled to the other side of the world, met some people, toured some stuff, maybe learned a thing or two. Would you do it again? Absolutely!

At Core Project Advisory, we’ve spent many years in the project environment, helping organisations deliver their projects and programs.

During his travels to the USA at the end of 2019, Director Andy Wyer got to explore some excellent projects and programs; which we’ve written more specifically about in previous blogs. Andy undertook this opportunity for growth both for him and for the business. Andy was inspired by industry presentations, and by friends and family that work there.

In summary of his experience, Andy:

  • got tips on business development in new lands with an ex-pat Aussie – who’s been “designer to the stars” in Hollywood for the last two decades,
  • explored a river system with a passionate academic and learned new ways to connect with the community,
  • learned more about FEMA’s hazard mitigation approach,
  • discussed the delivery of water programs and digital metering with a leading water authority,
  • saw green infrastructure in action,
  • toured one of the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment plants, where he envied the size of the control room screens while talking SCADA tech with the operations staff,
  • went 30m underground and visited ‘Chris’ the multi-million dollar tunnel boring machine, operated with impressive efficiency and effectiveness,
  • met with NYC Mayor's office to discuss planning for city resilience and climate change, and
  • caught up with old friends, colleagues and expanded his network.

Obviously, for Andy’s own personal and professional growth this is incredibly positive. The travel is done and fading in time, but these experiences remain. Most importantly, they continue to bring new insight and perspective to our business and the service delivery at Core Project Advisory.

After all, “If you aren't growing and evolving, you're standing still, and the rest of the world is surging ahead.”

So yeah, Andy would do it again.... you should too.

Reach out to us at Core Project Advisory. We would love to hear your thoughts on this or even help you with your project insights and learning.