Lawrence Zanuttini is an Assistant Project Manager at Core Project Advisory where he offers extensive experience in both the planning of business processes as well as the application of them. Lawrence has lived on the Sunshine Coast for only a few months, and already he’s exploring the outdoors in all that the Coast has to offer.

Whilst growing up, Lawrence was surrounded by family Builder/Developers in the construction industry. Lawrence spent time labouring and completing onsite work, which soon progressed into site coordination and working in the office. Although Lawrence grew up in Brisbane, he came to the Sunshine Coast to complete his bachelor’s degree. After graduating, Lawrence realised a desire in the area of feasibility and detail planning and so pursued his Masters in Project Management back in Brisbane.

Lawrence has an analytical mind where he enjoys working with data, and applies this thinking to most of his daily duties. This mindset allows him to view challenges in a different light and offers insights and ideas often originating from a unique perspective. Lawrence has worked both on Client-side and for Contractors, which has helped him appreciate how the processes integrate due to his extensive work onsite as well as his experience in scheduling and project coordination.

The diverse team that Lawrence works with offer a wealth of knowledge that he deems a major contributor to his job satisfaction. Working with the directors at Core PA, allows Lawrence to experience all of their unique strengths and perspectives, supporting him to constantly be learning. Lawrence has received tasks which have posed challenges, whether it be analysing larger data sets or tasks with greater responsibility, but when the directors show confidence in their team it improves efficiency, morale and personal growth which keeps Lawrence motivated.

Lawrence is planning on furthering his project advisory knowledge and gaining further industry accreditation. Lawrence seeks to gain exposure and experience in completing projects in the sustainability sectors to continually improve intuition and judgement through new industries. Lawrence is constantly seeking improvement, whether it’s on his skill set in the front-end feasibility and planning side of projects, or Jiu Jitsu, he always strives for success.