Getting to Know Core PA Team Members – Katie Hewitt

Katie Hewitt is the Company Administrator at Core Project Advisory, where she proves her versatility in numerous aspects of the business. Katie is a Brisbane local, and has lived here her whole life. Although she has spent time overseas living in England, the lifestyle and climate could not match that of Brisbane and its familiar, brighter days.

Having a degree in International Business, and minoring in Finance, provides Katie with the expertise in administration and financial applications and ensures accuracy in her work. Katie has been with Core PA from its foundation, where she has acted in a variety of roles; such as event management and website design. Although Katie has qualifications in finance and business procedures, she is a creative at heart. Following in her father’s footsteps, Katie is also very skilled behind the camera lens. Katie brings creativity to work through her role as photographer for all of Core PA’s events and visual aid needs.

The ability to be creative and simultaneously analytical is one of Katie’s core strengths exhibited in her daily activities. Katie’s versatility and organisational skills mean that she is incredibly reliable and allow her to effectively keep the team on track administratively. Katie has strong interpersonal skills, where forming relationships comes naturally to her.

Having been with Core PA from its inception, watching the company grow keeps Katie excited about her work. Additionally, the integrity and hardworking nature of the directors and the team plays a fundamental role in her appreciation for the company. The fact that every staff member strives for collaboration and excellence, for not only themselves but also the business, aligns Katie’s values with Core PA.

Katie aspires to travel the world and have various first-experiences with her family. With her love of travel, she is excited to see Core PA pushing the boundaries and looking to create opportunities on an international level.