Elisa joined the Core Project Advisory team in the later part of 2019 as a Project Administrator and Document Controller. Elisa and her family moved to the Sunshine Coast to experience a lifestyle change, having spent 20 years in Dalby, raising their family.  They have adjusted to the Sunshine Coast lifestyle with ease over the past year. Although Elisa grew up in Brisbane, she grew fond of the sense of community offered by smaller towns, and so the Sunshine Coast was idyllic, especially given her love for all water based activities.

Elisa brings to Core PA more than 10 years of local government knowledge and experience where she began as an Executive Assistant, before moving on to Systems Administration and IT Project Management. Elisa has extensive experience in leading training sessions and liaising with vendors. Elisa contributed and managed numerous system upgrades and implementations whilst realising her perfect fit in the Project Advisory industry.

Elisa has the nature and experience that builds rapport and creates personal relationships with her clients and colleagues. She has learned to engage effectively and listen to her clients, allowing them ownership as well as providing a solid contribution to the Project’s processes. She is prided on her professionalism, and has the ability and organisation to efficiently and simultaneously manage a variety of tasks.

The Executive Team at Core PA contribute to Elisa’s job satisfaction. She appreciates the value and respect for their staff and clients, in their professional and personal lives; understanding the importance of work-life balance and genuinely wanting them to succeed. Elisa describes the company culture as an open environment, where the consultants and directors work together, sharing knowledge and expertise throughout the organisation.

Elisa is energised by having no workday the same; working with different industries keeps the Core PA team’s desire of exploration active. The Core PA team are also passionate about the environment, and this sentiment translates directly into Elisa’s personal life, aligning her values with the company’s.

In her working career, Elisa would like to build on her leadership responsibilities, where she can use her passion for sharing knowledge and helping people grow and achieve quality results.