With over 10 years of experience working as a Document Controller and Project Administrator, Ami has joined the Core Project Advisory team with an extensive project background. Ami’s portfolio covers a multitude of disciplines within the construction industry, working in both Western Australia and more recently the Sunshine Coast.

Ami grew up in Dunedin, a city based at the lower and colder end of the South Island of New Zealand. With family in both countries, Ami eventually made her way across the ditch to live and work in Western Australia. Ami has held positions with working across the mining, construction, oil and gas, and more recently the Aviation industry where she has thrived. Ami’s proudest career achievement is the recent, successful handover of the Sunshine Coast Airport’s brand new runway. The project required the simultaneous closing of the old runway and opening of the new runway. Working client-side, Ami worked with an extraordinary project team that led the smooth transition of the runway operations and achieved a highly complex project milestone.

It is with her can-do and enthusiastic attitude that leads Ami onto setting high examples and achievements where possible. Ami enjoys witnessing the hard work from the design process come to fruition in the field. Ami strives for excellence within the document control sector by being assertive, punctual and approachable to all project team members. Ami is keen to contribute to the successful project delivery and enjoys, bringing projects to successful completion.

After 8 years in Western Australia, Ami and her husband decided to relocate to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to relatives as they had started their young family. With surf, sun and beaches warming their skin they have many family visitors come each year from New Zealand. Whilst residing in and enjoying the Sunshine Coast, Ami decided to broaden her career and has aligned document control processes with project administration roles she has undertaken. Ami feels a generous proficiency within both project roles is imperative to assist a variety of complex projects. With a passion for organisation, Ami uses her expertise to add value where she can see room for improvement. She enjoys making her job her own and has excellent accountability in working autonomously and within a team environment.

Ami enjoys the ambitious direction the directors at Core PA guide the company towards and the performance that coexists amongst her colleagues from the work being delivered to the high regard of professional relationships endured. Ami feels Core PA are leaders amongst their peers with their attitude to the work environment, flexibility amongst staff and clients and exceptional technology support. The company raises the bar with its developmental and futuristic approach making it an exceptional company to be a part of.