Financial Modelling for Informed Decision Making

As one of the US founding fathers Benjamin Franklin once said: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. In project management making financial decisions without a financial model is preparing to fail.

Does your project need financial modelling to allow you to make an informed decision based on hard data, and would your project benefit from robust financial modelling to support investment decisions?

Not having confidence in your financial decisions can hold up your project and can result in additional, unforeseen or unnecessary costs.

Here at Core PA, we create bespoke financial models to accommodate any project or advisory need. We can scale each model to suit project requirements, from determining the value of a purchase decision through to multi-option financial models which incorporate a large number of input parameters for construction, operational, technical calculations and cost-benefit analysis, all succinctly summarised at different levels of detail.

Recognising that not everyone is a financial guru we include a financial model dashboard that allows the end-user to make adjustments to variable inputs without compromising the integrity of the model structure. All assumptions are supported by source documentation which provides transparency and instils credibility in the model outcomes.

If your project needs financial modelling to allow you to make informed decisions contact the Core PA team, or contact us if you have any financial modelling queries.