Client Success Stories

Unitywater Major and Strategic Projects – TeamBinder

Core Project Advisory was engaged to create, deploy, test, train and roll out TeamBinder as an enterprise system, for Unitywater’s major and strategic projects.

Toowoomba Reginal Council – Aconex Implementation

Core Project Advisory was engaged to implement Aconex, for TRC’s SCADA project.

Scope – create, deploy, test, train and roll out Aconex used by TRC for Projects.

Elevate Your Project Efficiency with a Collaboration System

A project’s success in today’s fast-paced engineering and construction sectors depends on efficient document management. Leading document management solutions, such as Aconex and TeamBinder, facilitate project workflows, improve teamwork, and guarantee compliance. Still, these platforms’ full potential can only be reached with a professional setup, continuing administration, and training. Here is where Core Project Advisory gets involved.

Why Choose Our Services?

Unmatched Expertise: Our team has decades of practical experience using systems like Aconex and TeamBinder in a variety of projects. By calling on our experience in the setup, implementation and ongoing management of document management systems for a variety of engineering and construction projects, our goal is to establish a document management system, or review and enhance an existing system, to help improve knowledge transfer, transparency and communication of project information.

Customised Implementation: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our implementation process is customised to align with your project objectives, existing processes and workflows, and team dynamics. Our goal is to ensure your collaboration system is optimised to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity in alignment with your business and project objectives.

Comprehensive Training: Our training strategy is designed to empower your team. We can prepare all training materials, and we offer in-depth, hands-on training sessions that cover all aspects of systems like Aconex or TeamBinder, from basic functionalities to advanced features. Our goal is to ensure that every user, from project managers to on-site staff, is proficient and confident in using the platforms.

Ongoing Management and Technical Support: Implementation is just the beginning. We provide continuous management and support to keep your document management systems running smoothly. Our services include regular system audits, updates, troubleshooting, and user support to ensure your project stays on track without any hiccups.

Enhanced Collaboration and Compliance: With our expertise,  collaboration systems become powerful tools for enhancing and ensuring compliance. We can help you set up workflows, reports and custom functionality that facilitate seamless communication, document control, and regulatory adherence, minimising risks and maximising project success.

Investing in our services for the implementation, training, and management of a collaboration system is an investment in your project’s success. We bring unparalleled expertise, tailored solutions, and unwavering support to ensure that your document management systems not only meet but exceed your expectations. Other systems we are familiar with include SharePoint and Objective Connect.

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