Developing your Unique Brand

As a small to medium sized business in the project management space, is it possible to develop a brand that sets you apart from your competitors?

When we formed Core Project Advisory in early 2018, we were determined to play to our unique combination of skills and experience to develop a brand that sets us apart from our competitors and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Whilst we have found this challenging, we believe we have achieved it through the following:

  • Our three directors are actively involved as senior consultants in the delivery of our projects. We have worked together for over 20 years and know, enjoy, and trust each other.
  • We work together to gain a solid understanding of our client’s business to create enhanced outcomes so that each client can treat us as a partner and consider us ‘a trusted advisor’.
  • We have a well-developed business model backed by ISO Certification for quality; health and safety; and environmental management which sets the minimum benchmark for everything that we do.

Our experience tells us that most project failures can be traced back to how projects were planned and initiated. We know that detailed and considered planning can result in innovative solutions and real project enhancements. If we don’t have the right skillsets in our team, we collaborate with someone else who does.

Many of our competitors are much larger multi-disciplinary or management consulting firms, and we are often one of the smaller teams in the race. Being nimble enables us to maximise our service offering and deliver value for money to our Clients.

So yes, we believe it is possible to develop a brand that sets you apart from your competitors. Work to find your niche, play to your strengths and collaborate with likeminded companies to fill the gaps.

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