Developing as a Project Manager

Could you describe what motivates a project manager in a few words? How about a perpetual, passionate, problem-solver?

At some point, we have all been emerging project managers and this journey teaches us a lot, especially that project managers face a lot of challenges.

We’ve noticed that enthusiasm, practical judgement and problem-solving skills are dominant traits of a project manager.

People make projects, which is why being enthusiastic is essential to motivating your project team through challenging times.

Practical judgement is important to inspire confidence in the project team, that your decisions are reasonable to achieve and manage.

Problem-solving skills are vital to keeping the forward momentum of the project.

We’ve learnt that a project manager is driven by being a perpetual, passionate, problem-solver, who thrives in challenging situations by utilising enthusiasm, practical judgement, and problem-solving skills.

What do you think motivates a project manager?

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