Core Project Advisory’s Response to COVID-19

Core Project Advisory are a flexible and nimble business, able to acclimatise to an ever-changing environment to best suit their client’s needs.

Core PA has been able to easily adapt their business model to meet the challenges of COVID-19, achieved by having well established remote access capability which uses the best remote access technology, software, security and cloud-based operations. From the outset Core PA focussed their investment on technology and systems rather than real estate and office accommodation. This has ensured a seamless transition for the team to work remotely and maintain their continued availability to clients.

Core PA has no office-based hardware, with all data managed and stored in secure off-site data storage facilities with 3-tier redundancy. Software and systems are also hosted remotely or are cloud-based.

All the Core PA team have completed a Working from Home checklist which includes workplace health and safety and ergonomic compliance.

The team have been set up to work from home, utilising web-based meeting tools for their regular weekly team meetings and teleconferencing. Weekly meetings keep the team in regular contact discussing the planned weekly activities, the previous weeks achievements, plus the challenges and innovations they have come across.

Furthermore, Core PA has internally devised an overall health-check for the team called ‘The Pulse’. This platform started out as some fun, but in recent times has proved to be an important measure of their physical and mental health. The Pulse enables members to indicate the challenges they are facing with sensitivity and anonymity with a simple numbered scoring system. If a team member has indicated a lower than normal score, a director will touch base with them and provides the support needed to ensure their wellbeing.

The Core PA team have also created an after-hours remote catch-up ‘Virtual Drinks’. This entails a videoconference to bring the team together in their own workspaces to chat about non-work agendas. This is designed to boost morale in this trying time, where face-to-face contact cannot be achieved.

Although these are challenging times, Core PA are working tirelessly to ensure and accommodate not only the health of their team, but the health of their clients, their projects and their communities.