Benefits of Third Party Reviews

(Project Management Tip)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone overseeing your project, who can provide advice on the key aspects of the project that have been overlooked, not because you don’t know what you are doing, but because you are so focused on achieving the outcome.

Having been involved in a number of projects, as project directors, project managers, project team members and advisors, one thing we have always found helpful, is getting insight about the project from someone who is independent of the day-to-day management and delivery of the project.

We refer to this person as the project manager’s conscience.

One of the challenges we have when managing projects is that we can get too close to the day-to-day tasks and challenges that are thrown our way. Having someone, who is independent of the project creates an opportunity for you to identify the obvious things that have been overlooked, and to gain a different perspective on the reality of your project.

A good third party reviewer will have experience in a wide range of projects, including similar projects to the one being reviewed. They will have experience in managing projects, that is they have got their hands dirty and they understand project management is not just about what is in the textbooks or certification courses.

A good reviewer will also be prepared to tell you the advice you don’t want to hear, and you must also be prepared to hear it, but also remember they are not in charge of the project but are there to provide options to help guide the project team with the decisions to be made.

Third party reviews are an essential part of good project governance as they provide the project team an objective “look in” on how the project is going and if they are on track to achieve the project objectives. If you need help with your Project Objectives, take a look at our previous project management tip, How to Establish Meaningful Project Objectives.

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