Getting to Know Core PA Team Members – Amisha Tailor

As a Document Controller at Core Project Advisory, Amisha Tailor offers extensive experience and knowledge in project systems, procedures, training and development.

Amisha was born in Toronto, Canada where she got her first role in Document Controlling after graduating from University. After Amisha married her husband, they moved to sunny Miami, Florida which was a massive lifestyle change from the winters and the quiet suburban towns that she experienced back home. Having spent time in Florida, Amisha and her husband travelled to Australia to find their next base, where they decided on Brisbane. Amisha spent 10 years in Brisbane working in Document Control and raising her kids. 3 years ago, due to work progressions with her husband, they moved to the Sunshine Coast, where they are enjoying the beach-views once again.

After graduating University and undergoing further writing courses in Canada, Amisha’s first role was in Document Control in primarily an online context. This was where her skills in online Document Control systems began. When Amisha moved to Florida, she continued working in this area, where she was a part of the team that worked on large city council projects. With all of Amisha’s experience in Document Controlling, she knows what it takes to be effective and efficient in delivering and organising the information that is required by all parties involved in large and complex projects.

Amisha prides herself on her organisational skills, as attention to detail is imperative in her role. Amisha has also been in positions of leadership where she has conducted training sessions in document systems. One of Amisha’s recent accomplishments has been to set up the document control system for an Irrigation Scheme, this includes training the team, developing the Document Control Procedure and performing administrator functions.

The Directors at Core PA have created strong relationships that interweave between them and the staff, plus a hands-on approach by the team, contribute to some of the reasons why Amisha is excited to come to work. The idea of Document Controlling aligns closely with Amisha’s sense of self, even though her role is behind the scenes, it is crucial in any Project’s success.

Amisha has travel in sight for her family and is enthusiastic in continuing to work on new projects in industries she hasn’t yet tapped into.